Sri Lanka is currently facing many transitions: economic, epidemiological, demographic, technological and social. The world “Economics” too is evolving, with technological progress, economic crises and social upheavals demanding more and alternative economic analyses. Both these factors make it imperative for economists in Sri Lanka and overseas, among the academic community as well as practitioners, to focus more on economic research and its dissemination. The journal of the Sri Lanka Forum of University Economists seeks to fulfill this mandate.

The Sri Lanka Journal of Economic Research (SLJER) is a refereed bi-annual tri-lingual research journal published by Sri Lanka Forum of University Economists (SLFUE). It creates a space where research, particularly policy related original research, can be disseminated, and thereby contributes to the economic knowledge base and thought process. Critical evaluation of policy, growth, equity and social welfare, and challenges posed to such fundamentals by economic liberalization, globalization and technological progress, topics that demand research using economic analytical methods, are the major areas of interest of the journal. The Journal also carries a special section titled ’Perspectives’ which articulates alternative thinking and approaches to Economics and a Book Review.

All articles in this journal are subject to a rigorous blind peer-review process initially, and are then reviewed by the editorial committee prior to final acceptance for publication.