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Volume 5 Number 1 November 2017

H. M. S. Priyanath &
S. P. Premaratne

The Effect of Inter-Personal Trusts on Transaction Costs of Owner-Managed Small Enterprises in Sri Lanka  

Volume 5 Number 1 November 2017

N.D.V. Sandaroo &
S.N.K. Mallikahewa
The Effectiveness of Exchange Rate Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism in Sri Lanka

Volume 5 Number 1 November 2017

Subhashini Abeysinghe

Sri Lanka’s Exports - Out of Sync with Global Demand


Volume 5 Number 1 November 2017

Wasantha Athukorala

Identifying the Role of Agricultural Extension Services in Improving Technical Efficiency in the Paddy Farming Sector in Sri Lanka


Volume 5 Number 1 November 2017

Yeshan Withanage & Prabhath Jayasinghe

Volatility Spillovers between South Asian Stock Markets: Evidence from Sri Lanka, India And Pakistan


Volume 5 Number 1 November 2017

 Amal S Kumarage

Why transport in Sri Lanka continues to go from bad to worse

  Volume 5 Number 1 November 2017 Umesh Moramudali


CAPITAL in the 21st Century

Thomas Piketty

Translated to English by Arthur Goldhammer